Friday, 8 April 2016

How To Select All Nodes In Treeview In VFP 9.0

A more appropriate title of this article should have been  "How To Check All Child Nodes From a Parent Node In Treeview" but since I used a treeview control that contained only one parent node with multiple child nodes within, I guess I'd stick with the current title.

Here's one way I achieve the effect. But before I show the code behind, take note of the underlying table records where the treeview gets its record from.

The parent node has a "02_" string as a key as shown from the highlighted row in the image above. All the child nodes have different keys but have the same parent, a "02_" text that is used as a pointer to their parent node.

In the Treeview's .NodeCheck event, I wrote the following codes.

*** ActiveX Control Event ***
Lparameters Node
If Node.Key <> '02_'

For Each oNode In Thisform.oletreeView.Nodes
      oNode.Checked = Iif(Node.Checked,.F.,.T.)

You can see that I added a checking routine to know if the user is ticking on the parent node or the child node. If the user has checked any of the child node, it will stop from there and will not proceed to executing the next codes, hence the "Return" keyword.

Next, I reiterate through all the treeview's nodes and set each node's checked property to either TRUE or FALSE depending on the parent's current "checked " status. If the parent's checkbox is unticked, the current child node in focus during which is set to checked; otherwise, it is unchecked.

Here's the result of which.

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  1. hi sir. Do you know where i can download a free foxpro treeview class like yours? thanks


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