Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The TanGosoft

TANGOSOFT is a supplementary program that I developed for a shop that is using ICE (Inventory Control Expert) Inventory. The purpose of which, is to address the few shortcomings of the ICE system and make it rather easier to accomplish certain tasks that is difficult or probably impossible to achieve with ICE alone.

The ICE System is a matured system and a pretty impressive inventory system made by EASI. However, I've been administering ICE System in the current company that I am employed with for more than 5 years now and I can say that I have grown pretty much familiar with it to know which things it is best at or is in need of improvement.

But any improvement in ICE itself would mean that the makers of ICE should modify the original source code. I believe that any modification may spell "additional fees" because as I've said, ICE is a matured system and have addressed much of what an inventory system needs.

This is the LOGIN page for tanGosoft. Its current version supports two companies, the Tango which uses ICE systeam and TWS which does not, and only uses tanGosoft programs. 

I've originally developed tanGosoft to initially help me with my stocktake routines. But as times went by, I had put in more functionalities that I deemed necessary for either speeding things up or just making things possible.

Tangosoft for ICE Inventory - Through The SQL
This is the main deck for tanGosoft. It displays the current user, the other logged users, the latest Cheque-rediscounting client, some history, the last item photo searched and some other relevant stuffs.

This is the main deck for the ICE Inventory System. Again, the ICE software is a matured and a wonderful inventory program which I admired for its simplicity and able to handle small to large shop operations. But I can say that using ICE together with tanGosoft is still fulfilling than just the ICE alone.

Here in Papua New Guinea, I have seen numerous shops that are using the ICE POS and ICE System to handle both the wholesale and retail sales.

If you are utilizing ICE Inventory software in your company and you wish to know more about tanGosoft, you may send your inquiry to

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